Dental Implant Chennai

When are implants advised?

When there are single or many teeth missing, or completely edentulous, when a fixed denture is desired, when the missing tooth is the last tooth in the jaw, when the adjacent teeth are not to be disturbed or weak implants are advised.

Will there be pain after implant placement?

It is similar to a tooth extraction. There is very minimal pain and very mild swelling after implant placement.

What are precautions to be taken after implant placement?

The precautions are similar to extractions. You should not be taken hot foods, soft diet is advised. Rest or minimal physical activity is advised. Cold fomentation is to be given and no gargling should be done for a day. Do not wear your dentures for a few days.

Why Implant? How is it different from Fixed dentures?

Implants are metal screws placed inside the bone which would serve the purpose of roots over which a crown is fixed. In fixed dentures the adjacent two teeth are reduced and crowns placed over them for retaining the missing teeth. This can be done only if the adjacent teeth are healthy. Also the neighboring healthy teeth has to be ground which is not done in implants.

How long does it take to place an implant and have new teeth?

Implants can be immediate loading or delayed loading. Immediate loading is done in good quality and quantity bone in anteriors. Posteriors are usually delayed loading. The implants are placed submerged inside the bone and allowed to heal. After 3 to 6 months (depending on the type of bone) when the bone has healed, new teeth are placed.

Is there any contraindication for implants?

Uncontrolled diabetes and smoking are the main contraindications for implant placement. Implants can be placed at any age as long as the patient is healthy.

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